Our Service to You

Lindsborg Community Hospital's primary focus is to serve our community and surrounding area residents with quality care and compassion. LCH has a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals here to assist you in your health care needs.

LCH strives to assist people with their personal health through prevention, maintenance, health restoration, and support. We focus our assistance on the delivery of outstanding customer service with core values that outline our basic principles of respect, responsiveness and consistent results.

Clinics & Department Offices
Business Office

Services we provide are:
Acute Care
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Certified Nursing Assistant Classes
Diabetes Support Classes
Emergency Services
Frozen Meals to Go
Home Health Care
Meals on Wheels
Rehabilitation Services
Skilled Nursing & Swing Bed
    - Specialty Clincs
    - Specialty Treatment
Surgery/Endoscopy Services
Surgical Procedures
Swing Bed or Skilled Care Services
Urgent Care Clinic
Wellness Center

If you have any more questions about the services we render here at Lindsborg Community Hospital, please, contact us here.