Since the beginning, our mission is reflected in our heritage.

As a young pioneer community, Lindsborg was home to a multitude of "prairie practitioners", with as many as 17 doctors providing for the medical needs in homes by making house calls on horseback. The first community hospital was established by Dr. William Holwerda in the early forties at the corner of State and First Streets in Lindsborg.

Approached by a group of individuals committed to building a modern hospital, Dr. Holwerda sold the hospital to a newly formed board of directors. Incorporated in 1944, the founding board was led by community leaders that included JO Stromquist, Emil Deere and EE Malm, familiar names known to be dedicated to building a hospital that would match the progressive attitude of Lindsborg citizens.

Services at the new Lindsborg Community Hospital commenced in 1949. Some forty years later, plans were initiated to build a brand new facility. The doors to the current hospital opened November 1, 1990, followed by the Lindsborg Rural Health Clinic in 1994. In 2012, the clinic merged with the hospital and became a "provider based clinic", a department of Lindsborg Community Hospital now known as the Family Health Care Clinic. On October 1, 2012, Lindsborg Community Hospital became an affiliate of Salina Regional Health Care, creating a partnership that will enable the Smoky Valley communities to enjoy local healthcare for decades to come.