Our Service to You

Lindsborg Community Hospital's primary focus is to serve the Smoky Valley communities with quality care and compassion. LCH has a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals here to assist you in your health care needs. LCH strives to assist people with their personal health through prevention, maintenance, health restoration, and support. We focus our assistance on the delivery of outstanding customer service with core values that outline our basic principles of respect, responsiveness and consistent results.

If you have any more questions about the services we render here at Lindsborg Community Hospital, please, contact us here.

About Our Logo

Our new logo was introduced in early 2015, designed to represent our affiliation with Salina Regional Health Center. The logo was developed with the design elements present in the sculpture created by Lindsborg artist and sculptor, John C. Whitfield.

The sculpture was designed specifically for the location at the medical arts complex, and represents healing hands holding the lamp of knowledge transforming into wings. The artist was inspired by Psalm 94:4 - "He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge."

App available to access hospital healthcare information

Salina Regional Engage mobile app gives you direct access to your hospital medical records and imaging reports, plus a great set of easy-to-use tools, customized specifically for your health needs.

  • Access your hospital health records
  • See your lab test results & imaging reports
  • Get medication details

The app only works to access your hospital record and is not available for use to view your clinic record. Click here to learn how to get started or click the graphic below to download the app.

Send a Greeting Card

Customize a card for free. Brighten a patient's day! Lindsborg Community Hospital makes it easy for you to brighten up your loved one's room. And his or her spirits. Send a free personalized greeting card. Follow a few simple steps to customize your card. It's easy. It's fun. And most of all, you can express just how much you care.

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Patient Portals help patients manage care

There are two portals for patient use at Lindsborg Community Hospital and the Family Health Care Clinic.

These services grants patients access to their latest lab and x-ray test results, prescription lists, billing information, physician progress notes, discharge summaries and upcoming appointments.

Click here to learn more